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When babies are baptised, their parents/carers and godparents make promises on their behalf. Adults make those promises themselves. These promises are repeated later, when children or adults are admitted to Holy Communion or Confirmed. Admission to Holy Communion can take place whenever a child or adult understands the meaning of the Eucharist, and wishes to receive Holy Communion as part of their Christian life. In Confirmation, the Bishop prays that the gifts of the Holy Spirit given in Baptism will be renewed in those being confirmed, in order that they may live their Christian life more fully and confidently.

Baptisms at St Nicholas usually take place on Sunday at the 10.30am Parish Eucharist. It is possible for children to be baptised at other times; the parish priest will be happy to discuss this with you.

Baptism (also sometimes called Christening) is the sacrament through which people become Christians, and are united to Christ in his death and resurrection. Jesus told his followers to baptise others as a sign that they had turned away from their old life, and begun a new life as his disciples. In Baptism, God washes away sin and begins to renew us by the work of the Holy Spirit –so that we become like his own Son, Jesus Christ.

Baptism is about commitment. It is the beginning of a lifelong journey of faith within the family of the Church.

Adults who are enquiring about the Christian faith are warmly encouraged to speak with the parish priest, who will be delighted to discuss the best way to prepare for Baptism, Admission to Holy Communion or Confirmation. There are opportunities to learn about the Christian faith at St Nicholas’ throughout the year, whether this is through a group, a course or a more individually tailored series of conversations.

To find out more about Baptism and the Christian journey of faith, you can find more information here:

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If you are enquiring about the Christian faith yourself, or for your child, the parish priest will be delighted to hear from you.