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The Church of England provides a very helpful website which explains these matters, and many other aspects of planning a wedding in church, here:

The parish priest is always happy to hear from couples who are enquiring about marriage in church.

Christians believe that God has made people for relationships of joy with each other; and that he wishes to share his love with those who make a life commitment together.

Marriage is one of the sacraments of the Church, because it makes visible the love of God between a couple who have made such a commitment. A Christian marriage service is a public declaration of love and commitment between a man and a woman, made in the presence of God. Including God in your marriage doesn't mean that you will avoid the usual ups and downs, but you will know that you can look to God for help and guidance and that his love will sustain you.

To have your wedding at St Nicholas' you need either to be a parishioner, or have a ‘qualifying connection’ to the church, as defined in English law.

It is possible for people who are divorced to be married again in church. If you've been married before you will need to meet with the parish priest to discuss your circumstances before booking.