Restoration Work

The church underwent a major restoration in 1853 in memory of the Duke of Wellington, which despite the undoubted improvements, led to the loss of some architectural features. Before this the roof was lower and there were dark galleries in both aisles, reached by steps outside the church. There was a balcony across the Chancel arch where the fishermen sat and another over the Tower arch where the Swan Downer charity girls in their characteristic bonnets used to sit. The traditional box pews that filled the Nave, Chancel and Side Chapel were replaced with ordinary pews. A model of the church before this restoration can be seen in the south-west corner of the church.

There have been other improvements since 1853. The roof has been raised and the Clerestory windows installed; the choir stalls and oak panelling have been added in the Chancel: there is a beautiful series of stained glass windows from designs byC.E.Kempe; the side chapel has been properly furnished for its present use as the Lady Chapel.

In 2001 the church interior was re-ordered again. The Font has been relocated from the south door to the more appropriate position at the west end. The Wellington Monument has also been relocated from an obscure corner by the Tower to stand beside the Font. The pews have been replaced by chairs, permitting much greater flexibility in the use of the building. A new wooden floor has been laid, with under floor heating;  the lighting and sound systems have been improved and 2009 saw the restoration of the 14th century screen, the ceiling above it and the two wall paintings at East and West ends of the nave.   During autumn 2010 the Chancel ceiling has been undergoing restoration and is now unveiled showing the glorious colours which had been covered with years of dust, grime and badly applied Victorian varnish.

Worship Times

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You are welcome at any of our services on Sunday and during the week. Worship normally takes place at the following times:

Sunday 8.00am Eucharist – a quiet service with a short address. The Book of Common Prayer is used on the first Sunday of the month
Sunday 10.30am Parish Eucharist – with address, Junior Church and refreshments after the service
Tuesday 12.00pm Eucharist
Wednesday 10.30am Eucharist followed by coffee
Thursday 12.00pm Eucharist
Friday 12.00pm Eucharist
Saturday 12.00pm Eucharist

Occasionally these times vary; please check the weekly sheet for details.

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Church Publications

The following publications have been written by former vicar Fr. Robert Chavner. 

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There is also a History of the Church available, price £3, available from church.

Ministry of Healing

The ministry of healing (the laying on of hands and anointing) is offered at the 10.30am Eucharist on the first Wednesday and second Sunday of every month.

Spiritual Counsel

The clergy are available to offer spiritual counsel, help and advice. Please ask for an appointment so that time can be set-aside for you. Confessions are heard after any Eucharist by appointment.

Junior Church

Children meet in St Nicholas' Community Room at 10.30am and join the regular congregation later in the service, receiving a blessing at the altar rail during Communion.

Study Groups

The purpose of the Bible Sharing Groups is for learning about God's word, sharing it together and, as a result, deepening fellowship and friendship in the parish. Groups change from time to time, but usually there is an afternoon and an evening group meeting during Lent and Advent. Groups are very mixed in ages and sexes and in knowledge and Christian experience.